Hard-Working Versus Smart-Working

Being someone always described by others as a hard-working person I usually feel blessed.

Although it seems, in fact, being hard-working still keeps me finding myself in milling around and endless circles of burning out.

It’s time to reconsider what really worth my energies.

Is working where I am today worth the sacrifice of any more years of my life?

Being in 3 different volunteer experiences are really what I was meant to do?

Focusing on learning about writing/journalism is really what I should be centered around?

Writing this blog should really be taking time out of my every days, as a routine?

As well as challenging myself with different habit building is what my mental energy should be spent on?

Doing many things with high quality can be super rewarding.

But getting just the right experiences at the right time in life even more can be beneficial on long run.

No wonder I burn out for a few days every 2-3 months when I rather spend all the hours with sleeping, laying, doing nothing and barely moving, then to ever fulfill any tasks I have been procrastinating for weeks.

Being hard-working does sometimes exclude smart-working.

Can smart-working exclude hard-working? Well, yes. It makes the work less hard but more engaging. Smart-working means you focus the energies on actual things you enjoy doing and are well needed right at the time.

Remember, activities which are on the limit of your comfort zone but not too much over your currently available skill set what can be the most exciting to do.

It provides the feeling of learning something new but not too much to give up too sudden.

To mimic this state, we usually learn to break down activities into smaller pieces and spread them a little bit over time.

Lately, I have been struggling with submitting my assignments for my online journalism course because I don’t feel like I can do it good enough and I feel lazy to learn more to make my abilities reach the potential level of needs of delivery.

What should I do?

Either start reading the training material and keep practicing writing as I do here daily with more or less success, or quit the course.

The second actually is not really an option as I have invested nearly £400 already so would be bothering me for ever. Instead what if I just quit feeling quilts? Or perhaps quit being afraid?

Working-smart, in this case would just mean use what I have right now and just submit my assignments as anyhow, I will get a second chance to resubmit if not good enough.

Any movement is better then nothing. Better then being frozen by fear.

Habits will be built bit by bit. As I stared learning afro-dancing, I realized enjoyment and exercise can be done at once. Using my time the best possible.

Two main daily todo’s with one time engagement can be reached. So why not select better what my life is spent on?

Isn’t that what we should do?

Work smart not hard.

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