So What? – Leading Without Fear | AIESEC Alumi Talk

A few weeks ago we had our annual conference in Czech Republic where I got the privilege to meet Stuti Singh, a wonderful soul and inspirational leader.

Recently I have found myself in despair about my current life style, question every single aspect of this self-created, nomad and unconventional life style. Seems like I am unhappy in my own skin all the time…

It takes a lot of soul-searching, discussions and other self-improvement activities to feel decent about where I am in life right now.

AIESEC Alumni European Regional Conference Key Note speaker, Stuti Singh. Topic: Lead without Fear

To be short, Stuti breaks it down perfectly how to lead our lives without fear.

If you have ever been in doubt and seeking your purpose or finding yourself having troubles to do what you really wish for yourself, this video will clear the rainy clouds from above your head within 15 minutes.

All fears about becoming who you were truly called for should start to be disbanded.

Miss Singh is an excellent presenter engaging with everyone thanks to her kind and genuine personality.

She introduced an amazing model of leading our lives with.
If a challenge came up in life, just follow the “So What?” model explained above.

“Every time you offer something you love, there will be a voice [of fear] telling you “I can’t do because…” (…) and you end up with something you never really wanted.
But the good news is, that you always have the choice to choose the other track which says “I can, because…

Stuti Singh

Do you usually convince others to be their best selves? Do you have people in your life telling you likewise?
Why don’t you be that person for yourself?

Enjoy the video.

And don’t forget to share in comment what kind of fear-talks do you usually have with yourself and how do you normally overcome them?

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