End of the Game

Game of Thrones just ended and seemingly many is angry with it.

Disappointment is not about what the destination of the 8 years long series had brought us but because of how we found ourselves here.

Dany, our female Goddess of freeing the slaves, and bringing back kindness to the world, got screwed up by her crash and decided to change her inner drive from love for fear.

Therefore, she burned down the capital with her dragon in the previous episode to ignite fear in her enemies.

All what happened to her is because a man appeared in her life… at least it looks like that in the series. (The books are already hinting she is going crazy on power way earlier…)

Anyway, so in a nutshell she was ruined because she fall in love.

Imagine if Jon didn’t withdraw from that kiss in episode 5, she would not kill millions of innocent.

He left her alone even tho she never left him alone:

  • Saving Jon first behind the wall in season 7 costed Dany one of her “child”

  • and her best friend was gone because she followed his request to protect the north.

As soon as Jon’s path crossed her road, she was distracted and lost her own purpose.

How cliche??? But how true it is…

She was so strong alone but submitted herself to a man and that caused her losing her life…

Jon used love against her and she ended up with a stab to her heart.

She came full circle.

She didn’t want anything else but someone to love her from the beginning.

Just a successful relationship and she would have been the best queen bringing prosperity and kindness back to the world.

Thanks GoT for reminding me how the world sees a woman’s sacrifice, and us in general.

Well, doing quick self-reflection I can say I’m straightening that stereotype too. I’m very predictable about how I react in a relationship. Always self-sacrificing and loosing the focus…

Thanks for the lesson.

I don’t wanna die like Dany.

6 thoughts on “End of the Game

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  1. Moral of the story –
    The moment love comes along, accept. Don’t keep waiting for the perfect one. He might be too perfect to think otherwise of us. ☝🏼
    She would have been better off with Jorah or Daario. At least, they wouldn’t ever kill her!

      1. I wouldn’t call Jon “wrong.” The thing was that he was too righteous. Love is about accepting people the way they are. 🤗

      2. I mean… she had a rough time and he even added to her pain… that’s not what Dany should tolerate. I agree.
        Jon added to her sufferings when she needed him the most. Or needed love the most.
        He didn’t treat her well, to be honest.
        That ignite her madness eventually, in episode 5.

      3. Agree… but also I kind of feel her pain and how she was betrayed, how she lost almost all dear things to her in a very sudden time period… although no justification for her actions!
        I’m happy with the very end of Game of thrones, but disturbed about how we got there..

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