SDG5 | Global Gender Gap Index (GGGI)

Even countries like, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, or even Ebola affected Liberia and Senegal are better than my Central European country, Hungary in Gender Gap according this Index.


Conflicting Self | Cyprus Soul Searching

A friend advised me to instead of over doubting, try to shift to rebuild the trust between me and me.

Therefore I came to Cyprus to show self-love and at least help my Seeker Self get some satisfaction.

SDG5 | Is it really about Gender Equality?

Caring for discriminating issues towards males won’t increase inequalities for females. Our job is to keep extremist reactions, like violence (both physical and mental) out of the picture, and to work on to open up ourselves for all potential truth of both (all) sides of the (gender equality) arguments.

On a HoneyMoon with Myself | Cyprus

Going on a holiday we expect tons of fun. But can you enjoy, if there is only you around to converse with? How much fun is to be your very own company and more importantly why is it essential to spend quality time as a couple: you and yourself? Trying to find answers currently on... Continue Reading →

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