How to Follow Your Dream and Passion?

Once a friend furiously asked me “What do you think: why all the famous, rich and successful people have almost the same story regarding how they got there?”

Well, I always have the same feeling when I’m reading some of these people’s success stories… I can’t say that I know the exact answer for this question, but I think that like religious leaders, politicians, company owners, football player, artists etc… these who reached their dreams are connected.

Perhaps, they make the same effort to commit to their goals, fight against challenges, overcome millions of failures until they move from point A to a point B.

Opportunities are like a room. So if you never open the door you will never ever discover what is happening inside.

1. the first step.

How you get to the shop to buy your food? by moving one feet after an other. So no matter how small or big is your dream it’s all started by the first step.
⭐I know some of my talent and passion is comedy since childhood. Let me focus on that as it was and it’s still my dream to become a comedian and actor.
I been on stage sometimes in the past but I never had enough courage to follow truly that dream. Why? I can just say I was shy, it didn’t change yet fully; also the fact that people can say things about you scares me still.. Anyhow from nowhere, I started a Facebook page a month ago and started posting videos every single days… Because I committed fully for my dream.
Simultaneously, I had also started to discuss with some people to find a stand up comedy place in Abidjan/Ivory Coast in West Africa, because that is truly what I desire to do for a life.
2 weeks later I received a message from one French guy who was working with some comedians already. So I got a chance. Only one week after our discussion, I was on stage in one of the best stand up comedy place in Abidjan.
I have been also added to a secret online group with some famous and popular comedians from Ivory Coast and Africa.
That is why I say, opportunities like a door, I opened one and others started to come to me…

video avalable in french on the facebook page of Le 225

To watch video click here: Performance at Abidjan comedy Lab

2. Work with what you have.

Just the necessity what you need. Trust me, not every single thing you believe you want is needed.

Let’s be clear: youth in general have many problems to face with such as unemployment, financial issues, lack of competences etc… These issues are multiplied by 100 million when it comes to Africa, where I was dropped by the universe/God.
So how can we start with the necessary? How to use our daily max 500 cfa ($1 for nearly 90mb) mobile internet to something useful for ourself and our community?

I’m not here to give lesson to anyone, but why it is that important for you to try your best to get the last iPhone 📱? I know some people who started to sell some items just on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and turned it into a huge business without a Macbook Pro…

I mean we don’t have much, but we have at least something. You don’t really need a shop now to sell, you don’t need to go to a tv, radio or newspaper office to speak up or expose your talent…

Designed By Oguz ->

3. Invest in your dream.

Investment doesn’t really mean only money.. Do you know the most relevant and important investment you can put into your idea? Do you know something which can bring you results with a garantee?

Let me tell you: Your time.

None of all these big companies, famous artists, Presidents etc…started much different then you: they were born. They have 24 hours a day just like you. They did not all got their golden projects falling to their laps out of the blue…
…but all of them invested their times everyday to work on it, trying out what is failing or not…

Let me put it in this way, when I started my Facebook page, creating my videos… I started to talk about it with every single person I know in order to firstly crystallize the idea and to build my audience.

Then someone ( who is actually my other half ) advised me to promote and boost it on Facebook with some ads. We did it. I finally got to reach more people. When I say more, I talk bout 10,000s. From that point I could just lay down and say ok I’ll get people coming…
Guess what? I’m every day on my page taking time to check reactions, answer comments and even to invite those who saw some promoted videos and liked it.. some of them instantly start to follow me the rest will come with time, because the invitation is still there…investing my TIME. I am learning every day, and creating a new video to the people who are open for jokes and some humor (in French)

Everything I write in this article is not new information for 80% of us, because we hear and read many many books, articles and watched videos about these topics. So what is new here? I’m not yet a rich guy or successful comedian I’m like you.

I’m like any common young guy, trying his best everyday to make something happen…I have the same internet issues, light issues, unemployment, transportation issues etc…except if you already know me in real life you won’t recognize me on the street base on my videos or posts online. It is not written on my forehead..

Le 225 –

That’s it… I am just the same then you. and You are just the same than anyone who got successful in life.

Two months back, there was many dreams in my mind.. today I can say I have delivered some of them:
👉🏿Start a video channel ✅
👉🏿Make a video about one bridge which is risky for the population in Yopougon Andokoi ✅ you can find that video on my page share it and speak up 👉🏿
👉🏿Be on stage to see how people react for my jokes✅

Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone! Move when you feel it and how you want. Follow your dream by doing something you really want to do. and do it as much of your time as you can.

4 thoughts on “How to Follow Your Dream and Passion?

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  1. Time Time Time.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the day our currency will be Time. I happen to notice that only those who invest Time on themselves are leading the world.
    That’s my takeaway!

    Very interesting content.

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