Good News

First, I would like to thank to you all. I have noticed a growing number of followers despite the fact I haven’t created a new post for months… Which is truly inspiring. It really means a lot to me, and pushes me to keep doing what I’ve started: #FindingMyOwnLight.

This blog was always a place for me to pour out my heart. I look at this platform as reflection spaces by writing down my thoughts and figuring out what I actually believe on how the world works. Or how I work. Self-awareness and my world view both have been shaped here… So why am I quiet lately?

Since the summer, I had a lot of work done… “inside and outside”. It means that from being in a reflective stage I went into execution. So far I got a bit preoccupied by being in action to the extend that made me “only” run these reflection rounds either trapped into my mind or within my close circle of friends.

But now, I have this burning desire to share all the observations, discoveries both from within and around me.

The first quarter report earlier about my 2019 was created due to my depression as you can read it from the words and language I used. I felt down that time, and did not know if I am actually moving with my life… So as usual, I listed out what was done in my life as a tool to feel better.

But today, I know exactly what I have the blessing to be grateful for and where my hard working hours had gone since then. What areas I enforced from that original list, and what got a bit to the edges of my attention.

My motivation for sharing it all, now, might can seem rooting in pride, but I believe the intention to share is more to support others going through similar things. Everything I usually do is built upon that one drive: serve others, as everything else is meaningless.

I would like to thank God/Universe/Karma (whatever you call it) that it lead me thought this year… (year evaluation is coming soon)

Let me add one other news, which I am actually taking pride of: I was published in a UK-wide Christian newspaper, printed in 77,000 copies.

Please read Good News latest issue (if you read it in 2019 December, you can find my article on page 2):

My article published in printing, which was a bucket list goal for 2019.

Among many other goals of 2019 I had achieved, the closest to my heart is theSPACE project.

refreshed Logo of theSPACE.

Finally, after 2-3 years it is ALIVE. Started the business incubator in Benin Republic, in August and now providing access to office space, coaching and financial support to 6 local businesses.

theSPACE, business incubator in Cotonou, was opened from personal finances and one investor’s generous support in 2019 august.

What was holding me back? Or why it took so long to move into action? That is an excellent question. It will need me to start a new post to explain all those happenings. All the inner mindset switchings I had to push through this spring to finally move… bear with me a little.

So just giving you the hint what is happening… and that I keep an eye on this platform even though not creating… I see your positivity and all the support you are giving me constantly (by liking, following and commenting) and that writing on WordPress still has a special place in my heart.

Stay tuned.

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