10th October, World Mental Health Day

International Days of Mental Health by the United Nations is commemorated on 10th October. Learn more about the day by reading this article.

Bad Foreign Language Days

Those days when you can not speak on your foreign language anymore. Just out of nowhere you stopped being that amazing story-teller, or the perfect partner for a light intellectual feast. While you are using your second language, any day you can find yourself in the same shoes then others: can not speak /English/ anymore!

How To Digitally Disagree

Digital disagreements are heavy topics of today"s life. Having political arguments on social media and facebook is endless nowadays. So let us question if there is a way to make them more productive?

9 Ways of Preparing for Job Hunting During Studies

In this post I intend to support you with some simple solutions you can do to avoid being unprepared to jump into the job market. It is important to highlight here that the most important is to ACT. The competition is getting more and more difficult on the job market. Especially in West Africa, where the youth population is growing in a large scale.. You do not want to narrow your chances to get a job! Better be competitive enough...

You are responsible for your own learning journey. Do not let yourself be mislead: the system is not perfect, yet it is not a reason to not succeed in life!

The truth is that everyone gets out different things from the same situation. Same stimulus has different effect on everyone. We watch a movie together: my interpretation and yours will be different. You would learn different things from it than me. Thus the same education system can create a different learning process to each of every one of us...

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