Disabled by Burnout

Once a while I get to the point when I feel absolute burnt-out. These episodes can make me disabled on my way to find my own light. OR withdrawing is necessity to bounce back and gain energy again?

Life Of An African Villager

This documentary about Makala can give the ignorant and way too quick to criticize over-privileged people minimum the idea why to shut up, so please watch and share this documentary about an African villager’s everyday life struggles.

Change won’t Come by Simply Wanting it

Change will come only when we invest effort into evoking it. No shortcuts to success.
You need to want change in your circumstances. Want it badly. If you are not feeling deeply dissatisfied with what you have, you will not start to change. Although starting to think about doing something to reshape your circumstances is a good start. Find out more steps here to follow...

9 Ways of Preparing for Job Hunting During Studies

In this post I intend to support you with some simple solutions you can do to avoid being unprepared to jump into the job market. It is important to highlight here that the most important is to ACT. The competition is getting more and more difficult on the job market. Especially in West Africa, where the youth population is growing in a large scale.. You do not want to narrow your chances to get a job! Better be competitive enough...

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