Legacy – What Moves Us? | Bookreview

As loosing her interest in mainly every other area in her life, she decides to carry on learning the adventurous life of Wachiwi, who got stollen from Dakota Sioux by an other tribe. The sudden turns of both the women's lives unfolding in the well-written story, made me relate to them deeply.


Take One at a Time

How do you face with those days when your mind is about to freak out? What do you usually do calm yourself and just get your life going?


Is everything pointless? - some days it’s ok to be down. Accept that life is a circle: keeps us constantly running around.

World of Seekers

Do you tend to find some guru's idea of life more appealing then others? Do you have your favorite technique to figure out your life's purpose? Maybe a self-help book on the selves? Then I am pretty sure you are a seeker.

Love, I Let You Go

I more believe it is about finding ourselves first, before investing so much into an other person. Love relationship is just too hard. to me to understand... That is life.. c'est la vie..

Value Comes Late

It is so easy to lose track of the importance of a relationship, until it is gone and you are reminded of it by it's absence.

Happy New Month | April’s challenge

April’s challenge is to post every day in my blog. It’s basically about my way of pushing myself. Last year in May I’ve done the same and I found it extremely motivating... let’s see what’s this new month bringing to me?!? 🙏🏼

SDG2 | Save children, enable Rural Woman – Zero Hunger – part 2

On my one year long journey in Benin Republic, West Africa I had the privilege to meet and live on the same street with a social entrepreneur who is already saving the children of her nation from dying in malnutrition.

She is the mummy of Benin and also of my team of 6, as she constantly helped us out from real pressing issues. I am forever grateful to her to feed us when we had nothing or barley anything to eat for months...

First steps | FutureLearn course about Podcasting

Well done Robert. I’m actually doing the same training with #FutureLearn.
Let’s see how learning about podcasting will shape my story telling skills 💪🏼

Robert Craven occasional writer

Good afternoon from Dublin – those who follow me on Facebook will be familiar with this greeting. For the next few weeks, I’ll be taking small steps into the world of podcasting through the Open University FutureLearn.

I hope to post or blog my steps as the course progresses.

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An African Woman

I’m always greatly amazed by the life struggles an African women is going through... it’s a subjective, generalized idea along I tried to compare my skill set with their’s. I think my preparation for life was a bit different... it’s not good not bad. It’s life.

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