Donation to TheSpace – Create Social Incubator in West Africa

Aim: To set up an open office space to enable local social entrepreneurs. TheSpace project is in planning phase right now and looking for donations to execute the pilot project in Cotonou, Benin Republic (West Africa) where I have spent one year as a volunteer Marketing Director of AIESEC in 15/16. You can read more on the blog about that experience.. In nutshell I witnessed the cruelness of the rough external environment an the toughness of the young talented and ambitious entrepreneurs. That is when the idea was born: they need a SPACE where they can get access to proper internet, stable electricity, printing services and basic office equipment to start their social projects. If they could get access to these -with the Western"s eyes - "Basics", local youth could drive impact and even create their own jobs. With a business coaching, mentoring program run under my direction at TheSpace, their chances of success is granted. Currently I have raised £1000 by saving up from my own savings, and there is one animus donor who is potentially investing in £5000. Although to be able to deliver the project and move to the location, I would need to raise at least £2000 more. To read more about the project please follow #TheSpace blog posts on Donate more then £5 by setting the quantity. For example £50 would be 5 items of £5 donation.


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