Are you in a search for your life’s purpose?


We are here to humbly learn from all as well as to serve everyone, so please feel free to approach us with your story, or request of advice through the following options:

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Utilizing on our diverse background and experiences of life by sharing it as a story, we inspire others to dive into adventures and find their own ‘lights’.


We are trying to inspire, motivate and push ourselves and others through sharing our lives and the story of unfolding our own purpose on Earth.


We are discussing different topics in this blog, which were/are aspects of our very own life’s journey as well as our daily conversations.

  • We travel a lot, so that is one of the reoccurring storyline here.
  • As a couple consists of a European and an African origin, we are proud to share our cultures as well as our everyday discoveries about being a mixed-couple.
  • As a couple, who are currently living a mixture of distant relationship and starting a home as living together in Ivory Coast has also a lot to share.
  • We both have been in love with AIESEC, and mainly inspiring leadership and entrepreneurship; stories of that time can also be read here.
  • We are on the edge of starting our own enterprise. Therefore business will also be some regular topic here.

Therefore we are here to discuss life and many topics we feel connected to and inspired by our own existence in our very unique, constantly changing situation.

Let’s figure out together what is our very own purpose and without further wasting of time let’s shape our lives around it!


Profile picture Krisztina Kapuvari CMO
in 2016, as Chief Marketing Officer of AIESEC in Benin

Krisztina Kapuvari

Krisztina was born in Hungary. She is passionate about leadership, marketing, organisational development and reducing social injustice.

Her dream to start an open office space/ startup hall across West Africa where she can provide access to basic equipment, tools, internet, business leading and management knowledge and inspiration to youth who are interested in bringing solutions for any type of social issues into this world.

She has diverse work experience from: Hungary, Finland, Greece, Ghana, United Kingdom, Benin, Togo, USA. Worked on activities such as commerce/sales, accounting, logistics, international recruitment, kindergarten English teaching, customer servicing, directing national marketing department, optimizing organizations, mentoring/coaching, training and facilitation of learning, organizing/hosting events and conferences. Currently employed by Active Assistants (at U.K.) as a personal care assistant, where she supports wheelchair users in their everyday lives.

In her free time, she used to volunteer with AIESEC where she had been working between 2012-2017. She also hosted the West African Regional Youth Speak Forum 2016 in Togo, where youth from the region could met with like-minded individuals, businesses, NGOs to interact and act upon the Global Goals set by United Nations.

She holds a Business Administration – Entrepreneurship specialist bachelor degree and had studied Leadership and Management master specialized for Organisation Development and Human Resource Management. Both in Hungary.

hosting an event he organized in 2016

Kevin Bah Monde

Kevin was born in Ivory Coast. He is passionate about event organizing, leadership, human resource management, talent development and he fights for better education opportunities to everyone. He also finds joy in bringing laugh into people’s lives. He has talent in diverse ways of inspiring through story telling. It can be short novels, jokes, articles, videos, comedian performance, public speaking, or one on one mentoring sessions.

His dream is to became a social entrepreneur, philanthropist who can help youth in developing areas to improve their own and people’s lives around them. He feels strong about every person and their rights for justice and for opportunities to enhance their best version of themselves.

He is a life hacker, with diverse experiences from participating in actives such as comedy show, organizing motivational sessions to students/orphans, giving public speeches, training teams and leaders, facilitating/hosting conferences and organizing different gatherings/events. Lately he had volunteered as English teacher in Morocco. He is the CEO of Miss Leadership Benin since 2015. He is often asked to coach and develop teams and support many youth as mentor in his free time.

He holds diploma in communication and telecommunication networks from Ivory Coast.

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