Social Impact Projects

Herby would like to personally congratulate for AIESEC Alumni all over Europe who are tirelessly working on shaping the world around us. At the Regional Conference in Czech Republic, we had the chance to learn about individuals bringing a change to this world. We met Irina from Germany who organized a CleanUp day and inspired... Continue Reading →


17th October, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

I wonder what the world would look if nobody was to be born in poverty again. If every child could fulfill his or her potential instead of looking after a family farm and household, or selling on the streets... The International Day of Eradication of Poverty is today. Please spare a moment to learn about it.

15th October, International Day of Rural Women

Rural woman are carrying the entire household, average 4 children on their backs. Sometimes they are privileged enough to be able to manage their own farming and sell there corps. Even if their prices are significantly lower then what people pay for males for the same items... Read more about two major issues: no poverty and woman equality.

October 9, World Post Day

What do you know about the World Post Day? Do you think Postal Services are still relevant in our global society? How would you estimate the annual economic contribution of this industry? Do you think it would help solve the issues of the developing world?

1st October, World Habitat Day

International Day : World Habitat Day - 1st October, 2018 What are the issues our generations is facing regarding Our Cities and Waste management in our society?

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