Music for your Soul

Last weekend was the Tropical Pressure Festival in Cornwall, UK and I was fortunate to meet a soul warming musician, who is also a talented food artist from Benin Republic. 🇧🇯🌍

Mind Your Own Business

Why can't they just mind their own business? Why it matter so badly to conservatives to go angry whenever others make a non-conventional decision about their own life without effecting others? Why do they wanna aggressively control?

Love, I Let You Go

I more believe it is about finding ourselves first, before investing so much into an other person. Love relationship is just too hard. to me to understand... That is life.. c'est la vie..

The truth about falling in love

I had developed such a bad habit since my first time I was in love. That was actually in kindergarten with one of my classmate and we were kind of a couple too. Just imagine two little nearly 6 years old find love without knowing what is that actually sounds ridiculous, right? However we felt it... Continue Reading →

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