Legacy – What Moves Us? | Bookreview

As loosing her interest in mainly every other area in her life, she decides to carry on learning the adventurous life of Wachiwi, who got stollen from Dakota Sioux by an other tribe. The sudden turns of both the women's lives unfolding in the well-written story, made me relate to them deeply.

Disabled by Burnout

Once a while I get to the point when I feel absolute burnt-out. These episodes can make me disabled on my way to find my own light. OR withdrawing is necessity to bounce back and gain energy again?

Happy New Month | April’s challenge

April’s challenge is to post every day in my blog. It’s basically about my way of pushing myself. Last year in May I’ve done the same and I found it extremely motivating... let’s see what’s this new month bringing to me?!? 🙏🏼

Last Day of Blossoming May

One month has already left since I promised to myself to write every night. It’s been a real struggle to make it happen but every single view, like and comment worth it. Thanks for you all! 🙏🏼👏🏼


L'être humain est extremement créatif. Nous avons tous été dotés d'un pouvoir créatif interne qui nous amene à vouloir améliorer toute chose, et nous developer.
Nous n'allons pas toujours de l'avant dans la vie, mais cela ne signifie en aucun cas, que ce n'est pas dans la nature intrinseque de l'humain de creer quelque chose, à partir de rien ou de n'importe quoi.

Change won’t Come by Simply Wanting it

Change will come only when we invest effort into evoking it. No shortcuts to success.
You need to want change in your circumstances. Want it badly. If you are not feeling deeply dissatisfied with what you have, you will not start to change. Although starting to think about doing something to reshape your circumstances is a good start. Find out more steps here to follow...

Our Inner Creating Power

Humans are incredibly creative. We are all blessed with inner creative power what can drive us to make things better, develop.
We not always thriving for more in life, but that does not mean it is not basic human nature to create something from nothing or barely anything.

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