SDG5 | Global Gender Gap Index (GGGI)

Even countries like, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, or even Ebola affected Liberia and Senegal are better than my Central European country, Hungary in Gender Gap according this Index.

SDG5 | Is it really about Gender Equality?

Caring for discriminating issues towards males won’t increase inequalities for females. Our job is to keep extremist reactions, like violence (both physical and mental) out of the picture, and to work on to open up ourselves for all potential truth of both (all) sides of the (gender equality) arguments.

Random Act of Kindness

Today I have already give some coins in the metro literally 2 mins before this man stepped toward me.
He even told me based on my look he was worried to come to me. I looked too serious and a bit cruel.

Social Impact Projects

Herby would like to personally congratulate for AIESEC Alumni all over Europe who are tirelessly working on shaping the world around us. At the Regional Conference in Czech Republic, we had the chance to learn about individuals bringing a change to this world. We met Irina from Germany who organized a CleanUp day and inspired... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Own Business

Why can't they just mind their own business?
Why it matter so badly to conservatives to go angry whenever others make a non-conventional decision about their own life without effecting others? Why do they wanna aggressively control?

SDG2 | Save children, enable Rural Woman – Zero Hunger – part 2

On my one year long journey in Benin Republic, West Africa I had the privilege to meet and live on the same street with a social entrepreneur who is already saving the children of her nation from dying in malnutrition.

She is the mummy of Benin and also of my team of 6, as she constantly helped us out from real pressing issues. I am forever grateful to her to feed us when we had nothing or barley anything to eat for months...

SDG 1 | Life Below Poverty Line

It’s story of mine where I seek understanding of my grandparents’ struggles with satisfying their basic needs; and with it, I aim to discover the long-term effects of poverty through its effects on my own life. Sustainable Development Goal number one is NO POVERTY. Let’s talk about it for real!

FutureLearn is a platform where I am currently learning about the world of podcasting.

October 9, World Post Day

What do you know about the World Post Day? Do you think Postal Services are still relevant in our global society? How would you estimate the annual economic contribution of this industry? Do you think it would help solve the issues of the developing world?

1st October, World Habitat Day

International Day : World Habitat Day - 1st October, 2018
What are the issues our generations is facing regarding Our Cities and Waste management in our society?

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