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I had a quite interesting day. One of a few really genuinely refreshing and reflecting ones. When the universe allow you to choose the betterment of someone else’s life by shifting from self-centered perspective for a moment. Not always we are given this kind of gift so I thought it worth the sharing just as the description of the happenings. Today was a random act of kindness wearing the costume of an unexpected change.ย 

I work as a live in personal care assistant (=PA) what basically means I get 2-3 weeks assignments with a client in the UK. I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My job is to support the person in everyday life, be always available, ready to follow all instructions even if it is the middle of the night… Do regular house chores, shopping, cooking, cleaning… Just you know be there.

Today I was with one of my favorite client who had a horrible accident almost a decade ago in his teenage years. He lost the ability to move/feel his legs and pretty much a lot of hand skills too. He can not wake up by himself from the bed, get dressed alone or get into his car all by himself. He can not open a jar, or a bottle. Although he can use his laptop, phone, drive his automatic and transformed car… And he is truly a great driver by the way. He has many things he can, most certainly do and limitless abilities to achieve his dreams.

Although for the first time getting into a lifestyle like this.. can you please take a moment and imagine that change that one day boomm from now on you will always need someone around even just to get a glass of water?! Most of what you thought about your future will radically change. Brutal…

What incredible about him is that even though he had gone through a top level drastic rapid change, he seems like someone who is bouncing back pretty well into rocking life kinda style. You need to know I have met with other people too who had gone through similar cases and even in more yearsย  they did not really found their ways to happiness. I mean I don’t know how would I react, when I am naturally a very independent woman. I need my space sometimes. I am travelling the world around the last 4 years 99% alone.. It is just a lot to take. Even in my healthy body, life seems occasionally way too much struggles to take. How would I adapt to this change? I don’t know… Unimaginable.

And here is this one of a happy, successful in all areas of life, kind and caring person I am entitled to spend my days around. He is a kick ass scientist, having so much life with friends and family, and with a wonderful girl. Their life is just so inspiring.

So as today started off which actually remarks my last day at work before flying back to my country for my holidays, we had a kind of rough start. Nothing special, just some unexpected inconveniences in morning routine. Anyhow we got to the car and he received a message from the other guy coming to change me in a few hours. It said that he injured his shoulder yesterday and can not come to work later at midday…

As I know from my company’s last week email they were short in standby PAs, ergo they lacked the people to fill in when emergency hits. So I kind of suspected it will end up getting me change my flight ticket of tomorrow morning. Therefor I tried to imagine myself to be handling this situation with peace, and kindness for a change. As most of the time if this would be an other me then today or even you, willing to travel to your holiday, spend finally free time off work,ย  enjoy summer weather of Hungary, would hit you a bit low, wouldn’t it? Remember, 24/7… so a bit tired.

I don’t know how but I did not feel today any problem at all with this unexpected change. Normally when anything like this happens, I tend to panic. Today something was just different, I have seen perfection in this whole plan of God/Universe/Life. I was just naturally fully ok with all. I think it is maybe because I was writing many blog posts about change lately and listened to podcasts around the topic.. So I kind of prepared myself for this minor level of change…

Or maybe it was just a day God wanted me chilled.

I do not know.

When my company called, they asked me to stay 4 days longer. So I won’t fly tomorrow. I will come on Saturday back to my beloved homeland.

By the way on top of it, I went for jogging and just when I started to enjoy I fall and injured my left ankle and right wrist. Both the other ones had no injures before. I had to just fall on those sides which had already. ๐Ÿ˜‚ just the irony of the day… o burst out loud in laughing when I hit the ground.

This day was just so special to me. I don’t really know why. You, tell me why? ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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    1. Hey, thanks for sharing my article ๐Ÿฅฐ since this was written last year, my world-seeker self got a chance to bring what solution she can to life. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ I shall share about that process too. Stay tuned

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